Three-dimensional mixer


KP-3D01 / KP-3D05 / KP-3D15 / KP-3D50 / KP-3D100 / KP-3D200 / KP-3D300 / KP-3D400 / KP-3D500 / KP-3D600 / KP-3D800 / KP-3D1000 / KP-3D1500 / KP-3D2000


Low height, small commutation space, compact structure.

Multi-directional movement, good mixing effect.

Small vibration, low noise, free adjustment of working position.

Easy installation & maintenance, long service life.


For mixing powder, granules & particles in the industries of pharmaceutical, milk powder, food, salt, chemical, pesticide, detergent, pigment, electronic, additives, mining & metallurgy,etc.

Model Volume Loading Volume Rotation Speed Power Dimension Weight
KP-3D01 1L 0.8L 30rpm 0.12Kw 500*600*600mm 50Kg
KP-3D05 5L 4L 25rpm 0.25Kw 600*950*1000mm 70Kg
KP-3D15 15L 12L 25rpm 0.37Kw 800*950*1000mm 200Kg
KP-3D50 50L 40L 25rpm 0.75Kw 970*950*1200mm 300Kg
KP-3D100 100L 80L 20rpm 1.5Kw 1200*1600*1500mm 500Kg
KP-3D200 200L 160L 20rpm 4Kw 1400*1800*1600mm 700Kg
KP-3D300 300L 240L 20rpm 4Kw 1600*1950*1700mm 1000Kg
KP-3D400 400L 320L 15rpm 4Kw 1700*2100*1850mm 1200Kg
KP-3D500 500L 400L 15rpm 5.5Kw 1900*2200*1950mm 1500Kg
KP-3D600 600L 480L 15rpm 5.5Kw 2100*2400*2250mm 1800Kg
KP-3D800 800L 640L 10rpm 7.5Kw 2200*2500*2300mm 2000Kg
KP-3D1000 1000L 800L 10rpm 7.5Kw 2250*2600*2500mm 2200Kg
KP-3D1500 1500L 1200L 10rpm 15Kw 2500*3100*2600mm 2500Kg
KP-3D2000 2000L 1600L 9rpm 18.5Kw 2750*3600*3150mm 3000Kg

Special machine models and capacities can be customized.

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