Automatic Frontal Feeding Sleeve Sealing Shrinking Machine


KP-F6030Z / KP-S6040

Automatic pushing, film feeding, sealing & cutting.
Firm sealing, no cracking, no sticking knife.
Adjustable two-side guide rods for different productspecifications.
Photoelectric detection for automatic positioning and sealing.
Fast packaging speed, unlimited package length.
Easy to operate, long time in use.

Suitable for shrink wrapping for product with bottom support and single product, such as electric fan, microwave oven, etc

Model KP-F6030Z KP-S6040
Film Material PE PE
Wrapping Speed 8-20 pcs/min 6-20 pcs/min
Wrapping Size W+H≤650mm W≦500×H≦300mm
Cutter Size / Tunnel Size 700mm L1800×W600×H400mm
Max Temperature 220°C 220°C
Power Supply 220V/380V 50/60HZ 3P 2Kw 220V/380V 50/60Hz 3P 20Kw
Max Current 10A 32A
Compressed air 0.85MPa /
Table Height 850+30mm 850+30mm
Machine Size L1720×W1140×H2000mm L2730×W980×H1710mm
Machine Weight 470kg 600kg

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