Automatic High Speed Edge Sealing Shrinking Machine


KP-F5545H / KP-S5030V

High-speed running stability
Servo motor control to ensures sealing precision & firmness of sealing line
Ulimited packaging length, edge sealing design
Storage of product packaging parameters
Fault alarm and display function

Cosmetics, pharmaceutical, food, daily chemical, hardware, printing, colour box, auto parts, etc.

Model KP-F5545H KP-S5030V
Film Material POF POF
Wrapping Speed 20-70 pcs/min 20-85 pcs/min
Wrapping Size W+H≤450mmm

H≤170mm L≥100mm



Cutter Size / Tunnel Size 490mm L1500×W500×H300mm
Max Temperature 280°C 200°C
Power Supply 220V/380V 50/60HZ 3P 3.5Kw 220V/380V 50/60Hz 3P 16Kw
Max Current 6.5A 25A
Compressed air 0.85MPa /
Table Height 850+30mm 850+30mm
Machine Size L1825*W1515*H1350mm L1850*W1095* H1325mm
Machine Weight 450kg 650kg