Conical Screw Mixer


KP-CB100 / KP-CB200 / KP-CB300 / KP-CB500 / KP-CB1000 / KP-CB1500 / KP-CB2000 / KP-CB2500 / KP-CB3000 / KP-CB4000 / KP-CB5000 / KP-CB6000 / KP-CB8000 / KP-CB10000 / KP-CB12000 / KP-CB15000 / KP-CB20000 / KP-CB25000 / KP-CB30000


No minimum volume required

Easy cleaning & operation, long time in use

Gentle mixing for fragile and friction sensitive materials

Shaft seal above the product, no cross contamination


For dry powder mixing, powder liquid mixing and liquid liquid mixing in the industries of pharmaceutical, food, health care, chemical, feed, ceramic, metallurgy, fertilizer, oilfield, pesticide, veterinary medicine, paint, pigment and dyestuff,etc

Model Volume Actual Capacity Mixing Time Power Diameter * Height Weight
KP-CB100 100L 40L-60L 6min-10min 2.2Kw 700*1500mm 150kg
KP-CB200 200L 80L-120L 6min-10min 3Kw 950*1900mm 250kg
KP-CB300 300L 120L-180L 6min-10min 3Kw 1000*2050mm 400kg
KP-CB500 500L 200L-300L 6min-10min 4Kw 1150*2350mm 600kg
KP-CB1000 1000L 400L-600L 8min-10min 5.5Kw 1580*2850mm 1000kg
KP-CB1500 1500L 600L-900L 8min-10min 5.5Kw 1800*3200mm 1500kg
KP-CB2000 2000L 800L-1200L 8min-10min 7.5Kw 1950*3500mm 1800kg
KP-CB3000 3000L 1200L-1800L 8min-10min 7.5Kw 2150*3750mm 2300kg
KP-CB4000 4000L 1600L-2400L 8min-10min 11Kw 2280*4350mm 2500kg
KP-CB5000 5000L 2000L-3000L 8min-10min 15Kw 2480*4550mm 3000kg
KP-CB6000 6000L 2400L-3600L 8min-10min 15Kw 2550*4800mm 3500kg
KP-CB8000 8000L 3200L-4800L 8min-10min 18.5Kw 2780*5600mm 3900kg
KP-CB10000 10000L 4000L-6000L 8min-10min 18.5Kw 3000*5900mm 4500kg
KP-CB12000 12000L 4800L-7200L 8min-10min 22Kw 3200*6000mm 4800kg
KP-CB15000 15000L 6000L-9000L 8min-10min 22Kw 3450*6400mm 5500kg
KP-CB20000 20000L 8000L-12000L 10min-15min 30Kw 3900*7100mm 8000kg
KP-CB25000 25000L 10000L-15000L 10min-15min 37Kw 4100*7500mm 10000kg
KP-CB30000 30000L 12000L-18000L 10min-15min 45Kw 4300*7800mm 12000kg

Special machine models and capacities can be customized.