Plough Shear Mixer


KP-PM100 / KP-PM200 / KP-PM300 / KP-PM500 / KP-PM1000 / KP-PM2000 / KP-PM3000 / KP-PM4000 / KP-PM5000 / KP-PM6000 / KP-PM8000 / KP-PM10000 / KP-PM12000 / KP-PM15000 / KP-PM120000 / KP-PM30000


High speed & homogeneous mixing

Customized functions: liquid spraying, heating / cooling / drying, cleaning door, vacuum, etc

Easy installation & maintenance, long service life.


Heavy duty blending of both dry and wet materials for the industries of pharmaceutical, cosmetics, food, starch, flavoring, coffee, chocolate, nutraceutical, detergent, metal powders,minerals, ceramics, cement & sand, talcum powders, fire retardants, etc

Model Volume Loading Volume Loading Coefficient Motor / Speed Chopper /Speed Dimension Weight
KP-PM100 100L 50L 40%-60% 3Kw/120rpm 1.1Kw/1440rpm 1200×750×800mm 400kg
KP-PM200 200L 100L 40%-60% 4Kw/90rpm 1.1Kw/1440rpm 2100*650*980mm 550kg
KP-PM300 300L 150L 40%-60% 5.5Kw/80rpm 1.5Kw/1440rpm 2300*700*880mm 750kg
KP-PM500 500L 250L 40%-60% 7.5Kw/80rpm 1.5Kw/1440rpm 2700*800*1250mm 800kg
KP-PM1000 1000L 500L 40%-60% 11Kw/67rpm 1.5Kw/1440rpm 3200*1100*1400mm 1200kg
KP-PM2000 2000L 1000L 40%-60% 15Kw/65rpm 1.5Kw/1440rpm 3900*1250*1600mm 2500kg
KP-PM3000 3000L 1500L 40%-60% 22Kw/42rpm 3Kw/1440rpm 4500*1350*1700mm 3000kg
KP-PM4000 4000L 2000L 40%-60% 22Kw/42rpm 3Kw/1440rpm 5000*1450*2000mm 4500kg
KP-PM5000 5000L 2500L 40%-60% 30Kw/37rpm 4Kw/1440rpm 5300*1600*2100mm 5500kg
KP-PM6000 6000L 3000L 40%-60% 37Kw/37rpm 4Kw/1440rpm 5600*1650*2200mm 6500kg
KP-PM8000 8000L 4000L 40%-60% 45Kw/31rpm 4Kw/1440rpm 5600*1750*2500mm 8000kg
KP-PM10000 10000L 5000L 40%-60% 55Kw/31rpm 5.5Kw/1440rpm 5650*1800*2650mm 9000kg
KP-PM12000 12000L 6000L 40%-60% 55Kw/27rpm 5.5Kw/1440rpm 5700*1800*2650mm 11000kg
KP-PM15000 15000L 7500L 40%-60% 75Kw/27rpm 5.5Kw/1440rpm 5850*2000*2900mm 12500kg
KP-PM20000 20000L 10000L 40%-60% 90Kw/23rpm 7.5Kw/1440rpm 6100*2500*3150mm 15000kg
KP-PM30000 30000L 15000L 40%-60% 110Kw/23rpm 7.5Kw/1440rpm 6250*2550*3350mm 20000kg

Special machine models and capacities can be customized.