Single Shaft Paddle Mixer


KP-SP100 / KP-SP200 / KP-SP300 / KP-SP500 / KP-SP1000 / KP-SP2000 / KP-SP3000 / KP-SP4000 / KP-SP5000 / KP-SP6000 / KP-SP8000 / KP-SP10000 / KP-SP15000 / KP-SP20000 / KP-SP30000


Reliable sturdy construction, compact design

High active, low residue

Easy to feed & discharge

Easy installation & maintenance, long service life.


For mixing powder, granular, flake, lump and other materials in the industries of food, chemical, fertilizer & feed, etc.

Model Volume Loading Volume Rotation Speed Mixing Time Power Dimension Weight
KP-SP100 100L 50L 58rpm 1min-3min 2.2Kw 1180*750*800mm 380kg
KP-SP200 200L 100L 53rpm 1min-3min 3Kw 2020*630*980mm 450kg
KP-SP300 300L 150L 41rpm 1min-3min 4Kw 2280*680*880mm 550kg
KP-SP500 500L 250L 41rpm 1min-3min 5.5Kw 2680*780*1250mm 900kg
KP-SP1000 1000L 500L 33rpm 1min-3min 11Kw 3150*980*1400mm 1600kg
KP-SP2000 2000L 1000L 33rpm 1min-3min 15Kw 3860*1200*1650mm 2700kg
KP-SP3000 3000L 1500L 33rpm 1min-3min 18.5Kw 4450*1300*1700mm 3600kg
KP-SP4000 4000L 2000L 27rpm 1min-3min 22Kw 4950*1400*2000mm 4200kg
KP-SP5000 5000L 2500L 27rpm 1min-3min 30Kw 5280*1550*2100mm 5100kg
KP-SP6000 6000L 3000L 27rpm 1min-3min 37Kw 5520*1560*2200mm 5600kg
KP-SP8000 8000L 4000L 22rpm 1min-3min 45Kw 5580*1720*2500mm 6500kg
KP-SP10000 10000L 5000L 22rpm 1min-3min 45Kw 5620*1750*2650mm 7800kg
KP-SP15000 15000L 7500L 14rpm 1min-4min 55Kw 5820*2000*2900mm 11000kg
KP-SP20000 20000L 10000L 14rpm 1min-5min 75Kw 6100*2350*3160mm 13000kg
KP-SP30000 30000L 15000L 12rpm 1min-5min 110Kw 6200*2500*3350mm 15000kg

Special machine models and capacities can be customized.

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