V Shape Mixer

Also called V cone blender or Y shape mixer. It’s one type of tumbler mixer for blending dry powders, granules and other materials with good fluidity.


KP-VB50/ KP-VB100 / KP-VB200 / KP-VB300 / KP-VB500 / KP-VB1000 / KP-VB1500 / KP-VB2000 / KP-VB2500 / KP-VB3000 / KP-VB4000 / KP-VB5000 / KP-VB6000


Suitable for dry blending of free flowing solids

Easy operation, long time in use

Simple maintenance, easy cleaning


Food products, milk powder, coffee, dry flavors, baby foods, spice blends, ceramics powders, pigments, pesticides and herbicides, plastic powders, animal feeds, fertilizers, cosmetics, polyethylene,etc

Model Volume Actual Capacity Mixing Time Power Stirring Speed Dimension Weight
KP-VB50 50L 20L 8min-15min 0.75Kw 20 rpm 1250*450*1050mm 160kg
KP-VB100 100L 40L 8min-15min 1.5Kw 15 rpm 1620*500*1450mm 220kg
KP-VB200 200L 80L-100L 8min-15min 1.5Kw 15 rpm 1800*600*1500mm 280kg
KP-VB300 300L 120L-150L 8min-15min 2.2Kw 15 rpm 1900*650*1850mm 320kg
KP-VB500 500L 200L-250L 8min-15min 2.2Kw 15 rpm 2500*800*2050mm 550kg
KP-VB1000 1000L 400L-500L 8min-15min 4Kw 12 rpm 2850*1050*2050mm 950kg
KP-VB1500 1500L 600L-750L 8min-15min 5.5Kw 12 rpm 3400*1100*3200mm 1200kg
KP-VB2000 2000L 800L-1000L 15min-30min 7.5Kw 12 rpm 3600*1100*3200mm 1400kg
KP-VB2500 2500L 1000L-1200L 15min-30min 7.5Kw 12 rpm 3800*1100*3200mm 2000kg
KP-VB3000 3000L 1200L-1500L 15min-30min 11Kw 10 rpm 4050*1200*3350mm 2300kg
KP-VB4000 4000L 1500L-2000L 15min-30min 15Kw 10 rpm 4600*1350*3500mm 2800kg
KP-VB5000 5000L 2000L-2500L 15min-30min 15Kw 8 rpm 4800*1350*3800mm 3000kg
KP-VB6000 6000L 2000L-3000L 15min-30min 18Kw 8 rpm 5500*1350*4350mm 3200kg

Special machine models and capacities can be customized.